CSI References

Customer exaltation is our main objective. Finding the perfect balance between traditional craftmanship and innovative technologies allows us to reach our goal.

We take over management and repair processes for our customers worldwide. Our performances are well-documented in the following reference letters.

AG Insurance

AG Insurance is Belgium's second biggest car insurer and has started ist first AG Car Repair Days with CSS in 2018, a project to increase customer customer loyalty as well as brand recognition in which dents are removed on customers' cars for free. In numbers:

  • 2,500 AG Insurance policy holders
  • 47 PDR technicians through CSS
  • 1 specialist for removing and installing parts
  • 6 managers via CSS and HDS

We would like to express our gratitude to AG Insurance for the partnership and the opportunity to take part in making the AG Car Repair Days a success story. We would also like to thank our partner HDS. It was a pleasure to prove our capabilities on high value cars such as, but not limited to, rare oldtimers, classic rallye cars, Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, Tesla, and Jaguar.

Due to the success of the Car Repair days we have continued them in 2019 and were supposed to continue them in 2020 as well at three locations this time! Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic this has been postponed until further notice.


Professional project execution and repair fit to our highest standards - CSS has demonstrated all capabilities and capacities to repair thousands of commercial vehicles in a very short time in Spain in 2018. We are extremely satisfied and herewith express our gratitude!

Innovation Group

Car Solutions International GmbH (CSS) has proven a high degree of flexibility, experience, and quality throughout our collaboration in the hail season 2014.

HDI Global SE