CSI Repair Process

"PDR" is the official acronym for Paintless Dent Repair or Paintless Dent Removal, both referring to an officially accepted repair method to remove dents caused for example by hail stones on vehicles' external chassis parts. It is based on the physical qualities of metal, i.e. elasticity and the possibility to plasticly deform metal without destroying its molecular structure. When applying PDR, the metal sheet is brought back to its initial shape and place, while the metal itself and its covering paint layers stay strong and unharmed by the repair.

…This is how we define our business:

Transition from pure PDR services to holistic process-driven project management. CSI represents the perfect symbiosis of traditional craftmanship and top-notch technologies.

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Paintless Dent Repair
Mobile Paint Solutions

Starting off as repairer of hail damaged cars and thus being pioneer in the hail business, CSI has become one of the biggest process partners in the hail business worldwide. Our focus has increasingly shifted from car repair to professional process management and customer exaltation. We have achieved to differentiate ourselves substantially from our competitors through high-end repair quality, the use of automated hail scanners, integration of mobile paint solutions, and last but not least our integrative digitalization strategy combined with a completed EU-GDPR audit. All data is digital and safe.

CSI has long become more that a pure PDR service partner. For our customers, we fill in all relevant process ressources and manage projects integratedly to generate extraordinary results. Our service modules include:

  1. Initial damage assessment and appointment scheduling
  2. Organization of locations for damage inspections and repair of vehicles in hail areas
  3. Infrastructure setup and complete equipment of the locations
  4. Automated hail dent recognition and data transfer with 3D report
  5. Integrated data transfer to insurance experts' software
  6. Creation of damage reports with reliable pricing
  7. Removing and installing parts on vehicles
  8. Paintless Dent Repair
  9. Mobiler Lackierbetrieb
  10. Organization of courtesy cars for end customers
  11. Digital LIVE monitoring of repairs over all process steps
  12. Digital reporting regarding all projects
  13. Invoicing of all services combined through CSI
  14. Audit certification for EU-GDPR law compliance
  15. ISO certification proving compliance with ISO 9001:2015