Vehicle painting

Components and complete painting

Our mobile painting solution revolutionizes vehicle painting. With our mobile painting booths, we offer you consistent quality and flexibility directly on site. Discover a new dimension of vehicle painting that is entirely tailored to you. Our mobile vehicle painting is aimed at insurance companies, car dealerships and body/paint shops.

Why it works:

The CSI vehicle paint

Highest quality directly on site

Our mobile painting solution sets a new standard in vehicle painting and offers invaluable advantages for insurance companies, workshops, car dealerships, body shops and vehicle paint shops. We understand the urgency and need to repair damage efficiently and with the highest quality after events such as hailstorms or major fires.

We rely on quality products 

Our quality starts with the products. We only use products from well-known manufacturers such as Nexa Autocolor or PPG, who are known for their first-class paints and coatings. These high-quality materials ensure a flawless result and long-lasting protection.

Digital color analysis and innovative PPG Moonwalk mixing system

Our processes are geared towards precision and efficiency. With our digital color analysis and the innovative PPG Moonwalk mixing system, we ensure accurate color matching and automated paint mixing. This not only guarantees optimal color matching, but also significant time savings.

Mobile paint booths: quality, anywhere and anytime

Our mobile paint booths can be set up anywhere in the world within a very short time. This means you can benefit from our services wherever you need them. The paint booths offer optimal conditions for first-class painting, as the paint dries quickly and perfectly in them. They are ready for use even in winter because they are heated. This ensures consistent quality regardless of external conditions.

If you want to take the painting of your vehicles to a new level and benefit from high-quality, mobile painting, then we are your partner of choice. Trust our experience, technology and commitment to quality to meet your needs.