Hail scanner

Digital damage recording

Our advancing technology sets new standards in assessing hail damage. The hail scanner enables quick, precise and, above all, objective damage analysis. Automatic classification accurately determines the number and size of dents on each component, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually counting dents.

Why it works:

The CSI hail scanner

Damage detection as fast as light

With the hail scanner you receive results that meet your requirements, be it in a clear summary or in detail. Our innovative technology gives you the ability to easily export the data to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems. Thanks to its compact design, the hail scanner can be used almost anywhere, giving you a clear marketing advantage.

Advantages and Key Points:

  • Fast and precise damage evaluation: The hail scanner enables a quick and precise analysis of the damage pattern.

  • Automatic dent classification: Our technology automatically determines the number and size of dents per component.

  • Ready for use in just 60 minutes: The scanner is ready for use in no time, increasing time and efficiency.

  • Mandatory recording of hail dents: You receive clear and comprehensible data that enables reliable damage documentation.

  • Data export for external software: An interface allows data to be easily exported for integration into external software solutions.

  • Compact design: The hail scanner requires little space and can therefore be used in almost all rooms.

  • Modular report system: Create reports that meet your exact needs, be it a clear summary or detailed information.

  • Marketing advantage through innovative technology: Take advantage of technological advances to stand out from the competition and strengthen your business.

  • Versatile use: The hail scanner is used in a wide range of applications, be it in mass hail events for insurance companies, fleets, platforms or car dealerships.

Trust the CSI hail scanner to optimize your damage assessment while promoting your business. If you are interested, please contact us!