Repair processing
Processes holistically

CSI not only takes care of the professional repair of vehicles after natural disasters. We take over all the necessary work in the overall process, starting with hall acquisition through to the overall evaluation.

Recording & Scheduling

We are your experts for claims assessment and scheduling. Trust us for your concerns.

Hail scan

Precise and automated analysis of hail damage for effective claims processing.

Dent removal

Professional repairs for flawless surfaces and value retention of your vehicle. Trust us!

Mobile paint shop

Our mobile vehicle painting renovates surfaces anywhere with professional quality and flexibility.

Why it works:

CSI Repair Process

As a pioneer in the market, the CSI team has developed from a repairer for vehicles damaged by hail to one of the largest process partners in the hail industry worldwide. In doing so, it is not the repair but the customer that comes first for us. We set ourselves apart from the market in a particularly clear way. The reasons for this are the extraordinarily high repair quality, the use of hail scanners, the provision of mobile painting concepts and, last but not least, our integrative digitization strategy in connection with an audit according to EU GDPR.

CSI has long been more than a "DoL" partner. For our customers, we map all damage-related processes from a single source and inspire with: