Smart Repair

Next Level Paintless Dent Repair

Our Smart Repair experts use innovative techniques to repair dents, scratches, cracks and dents caused by severe weather events such as hail with minimal cost and effort. This is all about smart dent removal without painting (DoL).

Why it works:

The CSI Smart Repair method

Smart dent removal without painting

In the world of vehicle repair, Smart Repair is a revolution. Our CSI Smart Repair method combines the best of both worlds: innovative techniques and proven quality. As a proven partner for insurance companies, workshops, car dealerships, body shops and vehicle paint shops when handling claims after events such as hailstorms, we are proud of our highly qualified technicians, who are among the most experienced and best on the market.

Innovation and proven quality

Our CSI Smart Repair method is revolutionizing the repair industry. It combines proven quality with innovative techniques to repair vehicle damage cost-effectively and promptly. Our experts are always up to date with the latest repair technologies and use them with great precision to restore every vehicle to its best condition.

Flexibility and global operational readiness

What particularly sets our Smart Repair technicians apart is their flexibility and worldwide availability. No matter where in the world you need support, our technicians are ready to travel there. You are aware of changing environments, cultures and challenges and can adapt quickly. This flexibility is an invaluable advantage that allows us to offer high-quality services to our automotive customers worldwide.

Your trusted choice for smart repair

Our Smart Repair services are the proven choice for insurance companies, workshops, car dealerships, body shops and vehicle paint shops. We understand the importance of quality, time-efficient repairs to meet your customers' expectations and minimize costs. With our CSI Smart Repair method, you are on the safe side when it comes to repairing small to medium-sized vehicle damage efficiently and precisely. Welcome to the future of repair, where proven excellence meets innovative solutions.