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CSI works with the largest insurance companies in Germany to settle claims after natural disasters.

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Why it works:

CSI for Insurance

As an ISO-certified company, CSI has been active in the hail industry for many years and has specialized in handling mass damage to vehicles caused by hail. The peripheral processes of our customers are our core processes, and we support where capacities are spontaneously required on a large scale - and that worldwide.

As pioneers in the hail industry, we are still at the forefront of introducing innovations today. CSI is the first provider worldwide to offer its customers automated detection of hailstones and continuous digital processing monitoring. It works because we see through the eyes of our customers. Our ideas arise in day-to-day business. We test the results in practice. In this way, we make our processes more efficient every day.

Customer enthusiasm is our ultimate goal.

With a steadily growing customer base, we were able to handle many major projects in Europe in 2018 and repair over 10,000 vehicles.

Westphalian Provincial Insurance

Success story

  • Construction, equipment and complete processing of temporary hail sites for the WPV
  • Automated vehicle scan for digital recording of hailstone dents
  • Reception areas, waiting areas, catering and alternative mobility for customers
  • Repair processing including procurement of spare parts, disassembly, dent removal without painting, assembly and, if necessary, painting by CSI or regional paint shops